Why Knowing the Location of Your Loved Ones Matters to You!


Why Knowing the Location of Your Loved Ones Matters to You!

There are several roles and responsibilities that we need to shoulder as parents. It is not an easy task to become a parent and take care of your loved ones. Especially if you have elderly parents living with you. You must ensure that you devote time to your people. To make sure that you are able to shield your loved ones from the threats that pose a risk to your loved ones, you must focus on making your loved ones lives easier and comforting.

When the kids go to school or go outside to play, there can be many threats that can cause injury or threaten to damage the peace and harmony in your home. Children in their enthusiasm to go outside and play, there are chances that they may wander off quite far and forget the way to return to their homes. As this is also the case with elderly people. People who mostly suffer from forgetfulness have to deal with this. 

Safety and Security

We as parents need to take care of our children as well as our elderly people present in our homes. There are many things that can be done to properly take care of your loved ones or your near and dear ones. If you have given a smartphone to your kids or your parents for their well being then half of your job is done to make sure that there are no threats involved to your people and kids, we recommend you to install the Spoint app in your people’s cell phones. Spoint is a free app that helps you bring peace of mind to you. They do this by keeping you informed about the location of your near and dear ones.


How Spoint Works

Here is how spoint works. Spoint is a Location tracker application that keeps you informed about the location of your near and dear ones. It does this via the method of GPS or Global Positioning System. This is a system that is networked by a team of man-made satellites circling around the earth that can accurately pinpoint the location of any user on the surface of the earth using this GPS technology. With our smartphones equipped with GPS, we can now easily track and trace the location of any user anywhere. Spoint makes use of this technology and can accurately locate your near and dear ones, their exact location and keep you informed and worry-free about the external surroundings.

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Essential Features in Spoint

Spoint is such an application that has helped many people be worry-free and have their peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of their loved ones. Spoint offers these services for free and does not have any hidden charges. What more is that there are many life-saving features embedded into the spoint application. To name a few, there is a group and individual chat feature using which you can chat in real-time with your friends and family members. There is also a group chat feature in which you can send a particular message to your group and everyone in your group will receive the message. You get to choose whom you want to inform the message and who will be inside your circle or your group. You can also make custom groups for your safety.

Spoint also has an emergency SOS feature. Using this feature, you can send a special custom message to any person in the group or your contact list. This feature just works like a panic button system on your phone. Imagine your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you can call somebody to help or assist you in this situation. The same goes when you are in a troubled situation. This SOS messaging feature will message every-one in your group and let them know about your situation.

This feature comes as an emergency response for any kind of situation that you may encounter.

You also get the feature of contacting nearby Spoint users, so that you can connect and socialize. This helps in making a network of Spoint users and increase community support.



Using a family locator application that helps you locate your family members via GPS is always a good initiative to connect and stay secure with your family. There are numerous apps that you can use and download from the store but almost all of them offers premium features at a premium price. But Spoint has made the application to be completely free and free to use for all kinds of users. We recommend you to install this lifesaver application in every family member’s phones to use it to stay secure and connected with your family members.

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