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What Kind Of Digital Parent Are You?

With the growing advancement in technology and digitalization keeping the children safe from every threat has become very important. Seeing everyone living the same life it is very easy for the children to get attracted to any negative thing. And with the growing age of your children you cannot always ask them what they should do and what not. Therefore to keep your children safe and secure from the outside threat and anything that is harmful to them become a smart and digital parent who can take care of their family using the same digital benefits.    

Seeing the changing trends and technologies small children get easily attracted to mobile phones, gadgets, and iPads, etc. Playing online games, watching videos, and spending time doing online internet surfing has become a common day routine activity. 

Since children are the ultimate asset for all the parents in the world their safety and security will always be at the door knocking in their heads. In this world of digitalization, parents need to have a better hold over their children’s life. But the over increasing social circles of the new generation has become directly proportional to the parent’s stress. Therefore as a parent, you cannot just leave them with their privacy and so just to keep them protected you have to keep an eye over them.  

To help our parents and elders we the team of Spoint have developed an easy tracking and networking app. With the help of which any parent can easily track the location of their children. Using this excellent idea of tracking through our app parents will get clear ideas about what is happening in the life of their children. 

Children do not understand the worries of their parents and carry an ignorant attitude towards their own security. But parents cannot ignore their child’s safety issues and hence cannot lack behind to take all the necessary steps they need to take. 

Parents using the Spoint blog can track and find the real-location of their children and other family members. It helps them protect their children from all the forthcoming incidents or actions that may provide them harm. Therefore using the app, parents and elders of the family can avoid all the unwanted happenings in their family’s life. 

How Tracker helps you to find your child location:

No doubt digitalization brings with it various negative issues but it all depends on you how you use it. Using the Spoint app parents can locate and find the real-time location of their children. Not only they can see their previous stops but can also find about all the places in which their children travel. Taking care of your children Spoint is a great and friendly app to use. With an easy user interface, you will never receive any problem in handling it. This family locator is so smooth in use that even your family elders can use it for their protection. 

The benefit of using this app is that while using this you do not require the need to ask your children and friends to share their location. If the app is installed on their phone, you can automatically know about their real-time location by yourself.   

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Look at some of the useful features provided by Spoint App –

Finding Friends –

Using this app you can search your friends and beloved ones who are within the radius from 0-60km. You can also search for the people who are allowing you to locate them and not the non-private account users. And thus with this, you can easily find your friends and many more other people. 

Group Chat –

This app provides you an easy way to use and handle it. In this, you have to make a group chat where you can add your friends and family whom you want to add and can chat about anything. In this, you can even decide on any particular location to meet and know about their true location whether they have reached or not. This feature gives you a lot of benefits as sending a message in the group you don’t need to send them messages differently. 

Map –

Using this current location and information you can run it on Google Maps and locate the route traveled by the user from the last 24 hours. However, it is very important for the user to keep their GPS location service on. Otherwise, you will not get any timeline updated to show its current location. 

How To Get This App?

To be a part of Spoint app download the application from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. The app is free to download and use and do not cost you any extra charges. To know more about the application check out the website of Spoint at

Who Wants this App?

The children who are at the age group of 7 to 18  their parents should use this app. Especially those children who go to school and tuition classes for long hours. Children who need to travel daily to long distances for work should also keep this app. You can also download the app on your friends’ phones to know their true location. Therefore with the use of Spoint app, you cannot just take care of your family but can also take care of everyone who is near and dear to you. 


Hope this blog helps you solve all your issues related to the tracking. Following busy working life parents also have to take proper care of their family. With the help of Spoint app, one can easily look over their family and friends while handling their work. 

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