Track Your Friends Every Move With Spoint App

Track Your Friends Every Move With Spoint App

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Track Your Friends Every Move With Spoint App


Track Your Friends Every Move With Spoint App

phones these days plays the most significant role in our lives. Right from our personal to professional engagements it handles all our work and communication. Undoubtedly it is the sole medium through which we speak, act, react and delivers our responses. 

Research shows more than us our smartphones knows what we are doing, where we are going, and even though reminding us what should be our next step. Therefore, if used in better and positive ways it can be used to produce extraordinary results in all the sectors. 

You can use your smartphone in your business, for example, in sales, you can track and discover the real-time updates of every product, service or employee to reach out to its customers in a better way. 

You can even use it in the advertisement for your products. Thus, if you’ll go finding its use and advantages you’ll end up getting tired counting its benefits. 

One of which is tracking and locating. While traveling or even on regular days no matter how busy work schedules we follow, in-between we all must take a minute or two to know where our family members are. Like, have they reached to their college, office or home on time. We text and call them when they are not at home to know about their locations. And we keep bothering until they don’t safely return back. 

Also, as you read in the news how unsafe it has become to travel alone, therefore, the use of such tracking apps help you locate your friends. Many times we see our friends travelling late at home due to work and we don’t know whether they’ve reached home safely or not. With the help of a tracking app, we can not just help our own family members but can also help our colleagues and friends.


Though we have the option to call and text them asking where they are involved but in situations where they can’t pick up our phone and reply us back, tracking is the only beautiful option that is left to us. 

To relieve you from situations like this and help you provide safety and security to your loved ones in a more better way we would like to introduce you with an app called – ‘Spoint’.


What is Spoint

Spoint is a live location tracking app, used to track and find where your loved ones are. Installing this app will help you know the real-time location of your kids, friends, relatives or any person you care about. 

However, if you are running a small or homely business you can also track down your workers or staff. The benefit of using this app is that while using this you do not need to ask your relatives and friends to share their location. If the app is installed on their phone, you can know their real-time location by yourself. 

How Spoint Is Helpful?

One may argue when you have location sharing options available in the apps we use daily like WhatsApp then what’s special in this. In case of the crisis, you think you get time to take needful actions while in reality, it does not. Adversities arrive instantly where you are not always provided with favorable situations. In those time app like Spoint helps you. 

This user-friendly and free of cost app will help you detect your friends and family’s true location. It isn’t necessary if they are using the app that time or not, you can easily get their location at all times and help them if suspect anything mysterious.

Thus with the use of this app within a few taps on the screen, you can ensure the safety and security of your kids, friends, and family.



Various other features of Spoint App through which you can help your friends are –


Real-time Messaging

Using this feature along with the live location you can also contact them by messaging. Real-time messaging helps you send instant messages. If your children or friends and other family members are running late or not on time by viewing their location you can guide and help them sharing easy routes to reach early. You can contact and message them relating to anything you want. 



Using the current location and information you can run it on Google Maps API to find and locate the route traveled by the user from the last 24 hours. However, it is important for the user to keep its location services on. Otherwise, you will not get any timeline updates to show its current location. Instead, it will inform you of the last location before it got switched off. 

Group Chat Messaging 

With this feature of the app, people who are sharing the same group can chat and speak about anything. They can decide one location to meet and can also know about others true location as to know whether they’ve reached or not. 

This feature benefits you as after sending a message in the group you don’t need to send the same message to different people. By sending it in one group it will reach to all the members who are present in the group. 

Search Your Friends 

Using the app you can search your friends and loved ones who are within a radius slider from 0-50 km. You can search for the people who are allowing you to locate them and even the non-private account users. Thus within a given area you can connect and find your friends and even many new people. 

Benefits of Using Tracking Apps

There are innumerous benefits of using tracking apps like Spoint, some of them are listed below – 

1. It provides protection and safety anywhere with a dedicated GPS tracker to protect and keep your eyes on your loved ones. 

2. Spoint is a reliable mobile family locator which helps you locate your friends and family’s real-time location.

3. People who use Spoint to locate their friends and family spend less time making contact with them.

4. It helps you guide your colleagues and friends getting lost in big and unknown cities. 

5. It is easy to install and relatively takes lesser time to connect with your friends.

6. It is extremely easy to use and handle.

7. Though this app runs in the background of your phone it uses the minimum battery of your phone.

8. Using the same technology which threatens today’s parents is getting used for helping them. Providing enough safety and security it keeps you in peace by informing everything about your relatives’ activities. 

9. It is compatible with both Android and Apple users. 

However, one thing you need to take care of while performing all these is that you should always keep your GPS location on. 


How Can You Get The App

To become a part of Spoint services you need to be accessible at, and Application at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download the app through Google Play or the Apple App Store. After agreeing to all the terms and conditions which are set between you and Spoint, you are allowed to use its features. 


Why Tracking Apps are so popular?

There are mainly two important factors for which these tracking apps got huge popularity. One, it can be used for your personal benefits, where you can protect and track the members of your family, children, friends and even neighbors or any individual who is important to you. And the second is, use of tracking apps in business helps you in increasing the growth and profitability of your business.  

You can use the app for your personal reasons and find out every activity of the other user. This way you can protect and cure your friends and family even before they get caught into something in which they should not. While using it for the business purpose offers you abundant ways of making profits. 

However, the one thing you should be careful about is that it is ideal to inform the owner of the cell that such an app is installed on their phone. Otherwise, it would fall into illegal activities and you may have to face its causes.


Nonetheless, the majority of the times it is used by parents who need to protect their children and save them from crimes like cyberbullying, brainwashing and identity thefts, etc. Using such app they can prevent their children from many such threats on a daily basis. Thus, you can count on apps like Spoint to protect and secure your family and friends.



Hope this blog about tracking with its use and features appears helpful to you in taking care of your friends and family. We hope Spoint successfully helps you bridge the gap between you and your friends. It is a great app in use and benefits you in multiple great ways. 

You may find various other tracking apps available online, Spoint is the most favorable and is highly recommended by lots of users. So if you want to track your children, friends and loved ones to keep them against all the odds, simply install, create an account, configure on the target device, and starts monitoring. 

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