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Stay Connected to the People Who Matter Most 

In this digital world, it is important to make sure that people who matter to you the most stay out of any trouble. People whom you love need to stay connected with all the updates about the latest happenings in their worlds. It is important for any parent to stay updated about  the current happenings in the lives of their kids, in order to ensure that they do not cause any trouble to others or they themselves are not troubled in their lives. This can be done only by baby-sitting the kids or engaging them in vocational activities that keeps them busy. 

In order to make sure that we stay connected with the people who matter to us the most, there are many apps available in the market to help us do just that. However these apps comes at a huge cost. We need to pay a subscription fee for using their services that they provide. There are very few apps in the market that provides free features and does not charge any kind of subscription fees in terms of hidden costs. How good it would be if companies would not charge any fees for using the services provided by these apps. Spoint aims to achieve just this. Not only there are no subscription fees for Spoint, you are entitled to use their services for free. 

Both the kids as well as the elderly people in our lives need to be taken care of. Whether its the kids who go to school or do any kind of activities, goes shopping or visits friends or goes out to play, they are mostly vulnerable to threats that can cause serious injuries to themselves. Same is the case with elders as well as senior citizens, these people need to be monitored daily as well as they need to be taken care of. 

We as responsible citizens are fully capable of taking care of our loved ones. How good it would be if there would exist a monitoring application that would help us to know where our loved ones are situated and would help us to connect and better take care of each other. There exists such an app that is called Spoint. Spoint aims to bridge the gap between how we can stay updated about the whereabouts of our loved ones through real-time features. There are many features that are provided by spoint that other competitors charge a fee for using. 

Spoint uses GPS tracking technology to offer real-time location data. It makes daily life a lot easier. Imagine you’re planning a family gathering or a meeting with teammates on a school project; with Spoint you could send multiple texts to learn everyone’s estimated arrival time, then receive alerts when they’ve arrived at the location. Spoint also saves your most-visited locations and can quickly provide directions to them if you want to return.


Spoint helps you keep track of family members, friends and those who matter to you most in real-time using GPS technology. Just add them to your circle by sending them an invitation code generated by the application. Once they accept it, you’re good to go. 


Once you’ve added your family and friends to your circle, you can chat with them, tell them where you are by sending them your location, and share lists with them (e.g., your schedule, your grocery list, your to-do list, etc.).


Spoint lets you check in instantly, so your circle can see you’re available. Another great advantage of the check-in feature is that it allows you to save places for later reference; if you want to return to a location, the application can quickly generate directions to guide you.


Spoint uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPS location data to notify you of the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. You’ll get instant notification once they’ve arrived home or at any other location you choose.

Let us quickly go through the benefits offered by the Spoint application:

1) Real-Time GPS Tracking:

You can use the GPS tracking feature to track in real-time where your friends and family members are located. This is a life-saving feature because you will always be updated about the current whereabouts of your near and dear ones. The system uses a state of the art GPS tracking feature and locates where on Google Maps your people are.

2) Group and Individual Messaging:

You can use the individual as well as group messaging feature to send personalized or custom messages to anyone in your contacts list. This way you will always stay in touch with your people.

3) SOS Alerts:

If you find yourself stuck in a particular situation such as a car break down or a flat tire situation, you can always send a message in your contacts list in real time, the app will send a custom SOS message to whoever stored in your contacts list and inform them about the situation in real-time.

4) Connect with Nearby Spoint Members:

This feature allows you to find as well as socialize with nearby Spoint users.


Spoint offers the flexibility to get regular updates about the latest happenings in the life of your near and dear ones. It offers you features that most companies offer at a premium price. Spoint attempts to clear and make your life easy by connecting you with your loved ones.

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