Parental Control

How Do I put Parental Controls on My Child’s Phone?  

Parenting is a really tough task and in the age of unfiltered internet access, the job has become more complicated. More than ever it has now become important to monitor the activities your kids are involved in. 

Though with the invention of some of the kids monitoring and safety apps it has become possible to monitor children’s internet usage. Spoint is one such family locator app to help parents monitor the madness and keep their kids safe. 

Being a parent, how can you keep your kids safe, out of trouble and keep them away from things that are harmful? Are some of the important questions every parent’s think about. 

However, the use of parenting control apps gives power back to parent’s hands. Using  location tracker app  like Spoint providing features like live location tracker, real-time messaging, group messaging, search your friends and many more helps parents track and control what their kids do. 

What Parental Control Apps Do? 

There are various types of parenting control apps you’ll find. Some may simply monitor their kid’s location and give you details about their live location. While other apps can give you details about their mobile activities and usage of the internet. But to keep your kids protected and away from inappropriate situations, it is important you give them the right safety measures. 

How Spoint is Best Parenting Control App?

Spoint  location tracking app  is one of the best  family locator  to keep your family and friends protected. Spoint  GPS tracker not only help you with your kids live location but also provides you features to keep track of their activities. 

Real-time Messaging

Using Spoint real-time GPS locator you can send and receive messages from your loved ones. Making communication easier between your relatives it helps you to easily send and receive messages without switching to other apps.


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Group Messaging

Spoint  family locator providing you the feature of group messaging allows you to create groups of multiple people. Using this feature of Spoint location tracker you can chat and speak with multiple people simultaneously. Using this you can create a group of all the members of your family and make communication easier. 


Using this feature you not only can see all the nearby Spoint users but can also connect with them in the easiest manner. Spoint  live location tracker helps you to be in touch with your relatives in the easiest way possible. If any of your friend or relative comes near your geo-fence it helps you know about their arrival by sending you a message. Seeing their nearby presence you can instantly contact and make meeting plans. 

SOS Alerts

Using Spoint’s  live location tracker you cannot only just see you kids live location but can also alert them instantly. Seeing their live location if you see anything wrong, you can immediately provide safety guidelines or can reach to their help. Protecting your kids and loved ones Spoint allows you to be with your children all the time. 


Being a responsible parent you must understand that the outside world is not safe. Hence they always need your guidelines and restrictions to keep them protected. However, due to other work responsibilities, it becomes difficult to spend time together. In such cases, Spoint family locator helps you to be always close to your loved ones.

Seeing their previous movement activities you can immediately catch them and protect them from engaging into wrong things. Looking at their social networking tool you can know about their social activities and can also keep them aware about the harmful threats. 

You can view their access to the internet and can limit their access to internet usage. In order to keep your kids safe and secure at the early age of your kids, it is necessary to put some parental controls. 

The best thing about the app is that it is freely available to all Android and iOS users. It asks for no extra money to its users. All the features of this app are freely available. Spoint provides its users all the necessary features to keep their loved ones safe and together. Thus giving control to your child’s phone Spoint family locator  is the best one app solution for parents to keep their family protected. 

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