3 Ways to be a Digital Mentor to Your Kids

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Digital parents


3 Ways to be a Digital Mentor to Your Kids

Believe it or not, but technology and digitalization are in your children’s lives and will remain to stay. 


If you have accepted that your guidance as a parent needs to match the requirements of the ‘digital era’, you are in the right place.


In order to get involved with your child’s digital engagements here are some of the key points you should take note of –


Mentor them, and not Monitor 


Playing the role of a parent makes you different from being a boss. Here you not have to monitor but mentor your kids. You have to teach them lessons so that they become aware of things that are unknown to them. 


Mentoring makes parents create environments that make kids feel comfortable talking about their digital activities. 


You cannot keep your kids away from gadgets and the internet as it will pull them back from the latest updates and requirements. Right from a child’s early education technology demands a kid to be updated. Thus it becomes your duty to make your kids feel comfortable so that they can bring their doubts and daily life activities to you. It will help you guide them about all the online threats they can face. 


Your Children Should Know Technology Is Not Outside Your Authority


Kids at an early age don’t mind parent’s authorities in their personal things and obey all their commands relating to home, school, education, etc. However, as they start growing old and technology comes in their hands, they start thinking they’ve grown old and are ready to handle everything individually. 


Thus if you want your kids to discuss their digital appearance with you, they should know you have your hand on technology too. Let them know you’re cool to use digital media as they are so that they can share their updates. Creating an environment of openness encourages them to discuss their online experiences. 


Use Necessary Parental Control Applications To Guide Them


Internet teaches children its own definition of right and wrong. Therefore being a parent at a very early stage, you should educate them to follow the family’s set of principles. 


To keep your children safe and protected, you can use necessary tracking applications. You should try your hand on good tracking apps so that if your children go away, you can still protect them and keep them safe. 


Spoint is a good family locator to keep your family together and connected. Its multi-beneficial features allow you to track all the members of your family and loved ones. Using its accurate locations, you can always lend a helping hand to your nearest and dearest. 


Spoint live location tracker also provides you the benefit to chat with your family and friends. You can also create groups of multiple people to chat with everyone simultaneously. Using this, you can send SOS alerts and messages you want to convey without switching to any other app. 


Using Spoint easy networking feature, you can instantly make new connections. If any of your friends or loved ones pass nearby your local area it informs you and sends a message to allow you to know. Amidst the daily busy routine, Spoint live locator helps you to be always in touch with your friends.




To keep you family safe and secure parents need to be equally digitally advanced and active. Spoint’s easy functionality with the friendly and attractive interface its easy to use and handle. Keeping your personal and professional work balanced it is the best app to handle both duties swiftly. Thus using this family locator, you can always guarantee the safety and security of your family.


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