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The family that lives together should use tools for staying safe and united. Spoint app location tracker app keeps your family protected. Spoint’s live location tracker keeping you in constant touch with your loved ones makes your bond stronger and keeps your family secure.

Spoint - Family App
Networking Made Easy For You.

Connect with 1000+ spoint users that are nearby with just one click. Get to know them and socialize. Its live location tracker making your networking easier allows you to instantly contact and connect with your family.

With Spoint Make Communication Easier

Using Spoint family locator app without switching to your messaging or calling apps you can easily send and receive messages to your loved ones. Using this location app you can guide and communicate with your family in the easiest way.

locate nearby friends
Stay Connected With Your Friends and Families.

Spoint’s live location tracker app tracks every movement of your family and friends to see where they are heading. Its GPS tracker enables you to see the GPS location points and their movements to increase the safety of your loved ones.


Build a Special
Room for your Loved Ones.

Spoint is a mobile locator user-friendly app which helps you detect your friend’s and family’s true location. Using this mobile tracker free online app you can ensure the safety and security of your kids, friends, and family.Install the best phone tracker app free to stay safe, communicate better and to be always in touch with your loved ones in real-time.

Location Tracker App

Location Tracker App

Spoint’s live location tracker bringing transparency in your family helps you find each other’s real-time live location.

Real Time Messaging

Real Time Messaging

Spoint is a mobile tracker free app that allows you to send safety alerts and messages to your family and loved ones.

Group Messaging

This GPS tracker app allows the personal group to chat, alert and track mobile number location of all those added in the group.

Nearby friend

Search Your Friends

Spoint’s location tracker app allows its GPS tracker to track and find your loved ones within the radius of 0-50 km.

Be Worry Free, Stay Happy

Using Spoint real time location app you can immediately send alerts to your family if you feel unsafe and mistrustful.
Using the live location tracker you can anytime track down your loved ones and provide better security.

Real time location Tracking
Geofence enable location Tracking home-screen
family tracking App
Get Family notification
Nearby people tracking App
Safety App
real time tracking App
friends tracking App
Nearby user tracking app

Who Needs This App?

This app is designed for all those who want to stay updated about the current happenings in the lives of their fellow beings. It is useful for children between the age group of 9 to 21 who travels to different cities for doing their schooling and graduation. Its live location tracking and communicating gives parents relief whose children travels to far off places for work. Spoint family locator is useful for the youngest to the oldest person in your home. Using its in-chat feature you can track, send and receive everything related to your loved ones. We care about our people and therefore we have designed Spoint to be the most seamless and user-friendly family locator app for you.

For 100,000 users around the world, Spoint gives best tracking app.

Suman Chouhan
Suman Chouhan
Spoint is a great live location tracker app. I am using this app from the past 6 months and it is really helpful. I have installed this app in everyone’s cell phone in my family. Using this app we can take care of and know each other's real location.
Spoint - Best location tracking app, I get an easy access to my family and friends location. Must try!
I am a very friendly person, so I have lot of friends and real time messaging feature of this app helps me to stay connected with them.
Zenobia Fernandes
Zenobia Fernandes
It is great app offering lots of features and benefits. This appears very helpful in tracking my kids live location especially when they come late due to work. Using this app I have to worry about nothing.

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